Our vineyard is an enchanted, place where our twisted magic is happening. One visit to the vineyard and you know that you are visiting a special place. We grow our own grapes & purchase local produce from our local farmers. We care about every single bottle of wine we create. To create our hand crafted, signature wines, we use only the best produce & handle each batch with care. 



The land we work grants us amazing gifts each day. In return we believe it is our job to treat our land with care and patience. Being environmentally friendly & clean is important to us at Z&M Twisted Wines and Winery. Our vineyard is equipped with a specialized irrigation system that is replenished by rain water, minimizing our footprint. We believe in being treating the earth with care and intention. You won’t see harsh chemicals at our Twisted Vineyard. We keep weeds out of our vineyard by using recycled newspaper to line the beds. Pure wine is our passion, all of the products from our vineyard are chemical free.