Fresh and Fabulous


Household 6 - Sangria

The real commander that holds down the fort as a sangria fruit blend just like life a little of everything.


Watermelon Chardonnay
(Sold Out)

(Seasonal) A taste of fresh watermelon and a crisp tart Chardonnay finish. 


Harvest Moon

Our Sicilian white is full bodied and delicious from an old family recipe with a new age twist.


Rosie Bottoms

Tart cranberry & a spank of grapefruit with just a little effervescence for a good time.


Autumn Fall

A taste of Autumn or Fall from juicy Leavenworth apples.


Cherry Jumper

Take your first jump with our mango with a maraschino cherry drop.

Twisted Remembrance Wine


Signature Red Blend that is a Kansas proud semi-dry.


Dolce Baci

A red sweet kiss will leave you longing for more.


Country Lemonade

Light tangy lemon wine that's easy to drink on a hot summer day


Blackhawk Blackberry

Easy to drink sweet briar patch blackberry


Slice Of Pie Wine

(seasonal) You can have your pie and drink it too with our Pumpkin Pie wine.